Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.3169 (M. Barcelo et al.)

An Analog Trigger System for Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes    [PDF]

M. Barcelo, J. A. Barrio, O. Blanch Bigas, J. Boix, C. Delgado, D. Herranz, R. Lopez-Coto, G. Martinez, L. A. Tejedor for the CTA Consortium
Arrays of Cherenkov telescopes typically use multi-level trigger schemes to keep the rate of random triggers from the night sky background low. At a first stage, individual telescopes produce a trigger signal from the pixel information in the telescope camera. The final event trigger is then formed by combining trigger signals from several telescopes. In this poster, we present a possible scheme for the Cherenkov Telescope Array telescope trigger, which is based on the analog pulse information of the pixels in a telescope camera. Advanced versions of all components of the system have been produced and working prototypes have been tested, showing a performance that meets the original specifications. Finally, issues related to integrating the trigger system in a telescope camera and in the whole array will be dealt with.
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