Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1211.4574 (S. Bilir et al.)

Research Performance of Turkish Astronomers in the Period of 1980-2010    [PDF]

S. Bilir, E. Gogus, O. Onal, N. D. Ozturkmen, T. Yontan

1211.4650 (Hsiang-Kuang Chang et al.)

Search for serendipitous TNO occultation in X-rays    [PDF]

Hsiang-Kuang Chang, Chih-Yuan Liu, Kuan-Ting Chen

1211.4672 (H. -H Zhang et al.)

Atmospheric Extinction Coefficients and Night Sky Brightness At the Xuyi Observational Station    [PDF]

H. -H Zhang, X. -W. Liu, H. -B. Yuan, H. -B. Zhao, J. -S. Yao, H. -W. Zhang, M. -S. Xiang

1211.4698 (G. Li Causi et al.)

On the binarity of the classical Cepheid X Sgr from interferometric observations    [PDF]

G. Li Causi, S. Antoniucci, G. Bono, S. Pedicelli, D. Lorenzetti, T. Giannini, B. Nisini

1211.4785 (F. Bouchy et al.)

SOPHIE+: First results of an octagonal-section fiber for high-precision radial velocity measurements    [PDF]

F. Bouchy, R. F. Diaz, G. H├ębrard, L. Arnold, I. Boisse, X. Delfosse, S. Perruchot, A. Santerne