Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1206.4049 (Alexander I. Merson et al.)

Lightcone mock catalogues from semi-analytic models of galaxy formation - I. Construction and application to the BzK colour selection    [PDF]

Alexander I. Merson, Carlton M. Baugh, John C. Helly, Violeta Gonzalez-Perez, Shaun Cole, Richard Bielby, Peder Norberg, Carlos S. Frenk, Andrew J. Benson, Richard G. Bower, Cedric G. Lacey, Claudia del P. Lagos

1206.4076 (G. Bruce Berriman et al.)

The role in the Virtual Astronomical Observatory in the era of massive data sets    [PDF]

G. Bruce Berriman, Robert J. Hanisch, T. Joseph W. Lazio

1206.4079 (G. Bruce Berriman et al.)

The organization and management of the Virtual Astronomical Observatory    [PDF]

G. Bruce Berriman, Robert J. Hanisch, T. Joseph W. Lazio, Alexander Szalay, Giussepina Fabbiano

1206.4088 (E. Cady)

Design of mirrors and apodization functions in phase-induced amplitude apodization (PIAA) systems    [PDF]

E. Cady

1206.4219 (Li-Yong Liu et al.)

The First Infrared Telescope in Tibet Plateau, China    [PDF]

Li-Yong Liu, Yong-Qiang Yao, Yi-Ping Wang, Jun-Rong Li, Yun-He Zhou, Lin Li, Xian-Long You

1206.4229 (Torsten A. Enßlin)

Information field dynamics for simulation scheme construction    [PDF]

Torsten A. Enßlin

1206.4278 (Thomas J. Loredo)

Commentary on Bayesian coincidence assessment (cross-matching)    [PDF]

Thomas J. Loredo