Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1212.0133 (S. Moyerman et al.)

Scientific verification of Faraday Rotation Modulators: Detection of diffuse polarized Galactic emission    [PDF]

S. Moyerman, E. Bierman, P. A. R. Ade, R. Aiken, D. Barkats, C. Bischoff, J. J. Bock, H. C. Chiang, C. D. Dowell, L. Duband, E. F. Hivon, W. L. Holzapfel, V. V. Hristov, W. C. Jones, J. Kaufman, B. G. Keating, J. M. Kovac, C. L. Kuo, E. M. Leitch, P. V. Mason, T. Matsumura, H. T. Nguyen, N. Ponthieu, C. Pryke, S. Richter, G. Rocha, C. Sheehy, Y. D. Takahashi, J. E. Tolan, E. Wollack, K. W. Yoon

1212.0218 (S. Riggi et al.)

Identification of the primary mass of inclined cosmic ray showers from depth of maximum and number of muons parameters    [PDF]

S. Riggi, A. Parra, G. Rodriguez, I. Valino, R. Vazquez, E. Zas

1212.0368 (Massimo Bassan et al.)

Measurement of the thermal expansion coefficient of the Al 5056 alloy in the 0.3 < T < 2 K temperature range    [PDF]

Massimo Bassan, Bruno Buonomo, Giorgio Cavallari, Eugenio Coccia, Sabrina D'Antonio, Viviana Fafone, Luca Gennaro Foggetta, Carlo Ligi, Alessandro Marini, Giovanni Mazzitelli, Giuseppina Modestino, Guido Pizzella, Lina Quintieri, Francesco Ronga, Paolo Valente

1212.0538 (Gert De Geyter et al.)

FitSKIRT: genetic algorithms to automatically fit dusty galaxies with a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code    [PDF]

Gert De Geyter, Maarten Baes, Jacopo Fritz, Peter Camps

1212.0564 (M. Annunziatella et al.)

Inside catalogs: a comparison of source extraction software    [PDF]

M. Annunziatella, A. Mercurio, M. Brescia, S. Cavuoti, G. Longo

1212.0600 (A. A. Ivanov)

A method to search for correlations of ultra-high energy cosmic ray masses with the large scale structures in the local galaxy density field    [PDF]

A. A. Ivanov

1212.0628 (Yi Xu et al.)

Databases and tools for nuclear astrophysics applications BRUSsels Nuclear LIBrary (BRUSLIB), Nuclear Astrophysics Compilation of REactions II (NACRE II) and Nuclear NETwork GENerator (NETGEN)    [PDF]

Yi Xu, Stephane Goriely, Alain Jorissen, Guangling Chen, Marcel Arnould

1212.0645 (M. Süveges)

Extreme-value modelling for the significance assessment of periodogram peaks    [PDF]

M. Süveges

1212.0686 (Jeremy Tregloan-Reed et al.)

An extremely high photometric precision in ground-based observations of two transits in the WASP-50 planetary system    [PDF]

Jeremy Tregloan-Reed, John Southworth

1212.0825 (Christoph Baranec et al.)

Robo-AO: An Autonomous Laser Adaptive Optics and Science System    [PDF]

Christoph Baranec, Reed Riddle, A. N. Ramaprakash, Nicholas Law, Shriharsh Tendulkar, Shrinivas Kulkarni, Richard Dekany, Khanh Bui, Jack Davis, Jeff Zolkower, Jason Fucik, Mahesh Burse, Hillol Das, Pravin Chordia, Mansi Kasliwal, Eran Ofek, Timothy Morton, John Johnson