Monday, October 22, 2012

1210.5246 (Nigel L. Mitchell et al.)

Collisionless Stellar Hydrodynamics as an Efficient Alternative to N-body Methods    [PDF]

Nigel L. Mitchell, Eduard I. Vorobyov, Gerhard Hensler

1210.5274 (Justin Ellis et al.)

Results of the First IPTA Closed Mock Data Challenge    [PDF]

Justin Ellis, Xavier Siemens, Sydney Chamberlin

1210.5306 (S. Matsushita et al.)

ALMA Temporal Phase Stability and the Effectiveness of Water Vapor Radiometer    [PDF]

S. Matsushita, K. -I. Morita, D. Barkats, R. E. Hills, E. Fomalont, B. Nikolic

1210.5309 (S. Matsushita et al.)

225 GHz Atmospheric Opacity Measurements from Two Arctic Sites    [PDF]

S. Matsushita, M. -T. Chen, P. Martin-Cocher, K. Asada, C. -P. Chen, M. Inoue, S. Paine, D. Turner, E. Steinbring

1210.5313 (Jingbo Wang et al.)

Search for the gravitational wave memory effect with the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array    [PDF]

Jingbo Wang, G. Hobbs, Na Wang

1210.5329 (Brian Richard Pauw et al.)

The optimal division between sample and background measurement time for photon counting experiments    [PDF]

Brian Richard Pauw, Samuel Tardif

1210.5356 (P. Lautridou et al.)

Some possible interpretations from data of the CODALEMA experiment    [PDF]

P. Lautridou, the CODALEMA Collaboration

1210.5358 (Ujjwal Kumar et al.)

Tracking dispersion measure variations of timing array pulsars with the GMRT    [PDF]

Ujjwal Kumar, Yashwant Gupta, Willem van Straten, Stefan Oslowski, Jayanta Roy, N. D. R. Bhat, Matthew Bailes, Michael J. Keith

1210.5369 (Gerard Fitzpatrick et al.)

Background estimation in a wide-field background-limited instrument such as Fermi GBM    [PDF]

Gerard Fitzpatrick, Sheila McBreen, Valerie Connaughton, Michael Briggs, the GBM Team

1210.5411 (Siegfried Eggl et al.)

Circumstellar Habitable Zones of Binary Star Systems in the Solar Neighborhood    [PDF]

Siegfried Eggl, Elke Pilat-Lohinger, Barbara Funk, Nikolaos Georgakarakos, Nader Haghighipour

1210.5450 (N. Mirabal et al.)

A dispersion-driven method for grant and proposal allocation    [PDF]

N. Mirabal, J. L. Contreras

1210.5465 (P. J. Amado et al.)

CARMENES. I. A radial-velocity survey for terrestrial planets in the habitable zones of M dwarfs. A historical overview    [PDF]

P. J. Amado, A. Quirrenbach, I. Ribas, J. A. Caballero, M. A. Sánchez-Carrasco, A. Reiners, W. Seifert, R. Mundt, H. Mandel, the CARMENES Consortium

1210.5483 (David Berry et al.)

New Features in AST - a WCS Management and Manipulation Library    [PDF]

David Berry, Tim Jenness

1210.5491 (Shane Maloney)

Propagation of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Inner Heliosphere    [PDF]

Shane Maloney