Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1105.4979 (Benjamin Lenoir et al.)

Unbiased acceleration measurements with an electrostatic accelerometer on a rotating platform    [PDF]

Benjamin Lenoir, Bruno Christophe, Serge Reynaud

1301.0860 (Darcy Barron et al.)

Performance of a 4 Kelvin pulse-tube cooled cryostat with dc SQUID amplifiers for bolometric detector testing    [PDF]

Darcy Barron, Matt Atlas, Brian Keating, Ron Quillin, Nathan Stebor, Brandon Wilson

1301.1060 (Huib Jan van Langevelde)

The future of VLBI    [PDF]

Huib Jan van Langevelde

1301.1161 (Sergio Fabiani et al.)

Characterization of scatterers for an active focal plane Compton polarimeter    [PDF]

Sergio Fabiani, Riccardo Campana, Enrico Costa, Ettore Del Monte, Fabio Muleri, Alda Rubini, Paolo Soffitta

1301.1178 (S. Riggi et al.)

Modeling high energy cosmic rays mass composition data via mixtures of multivariate skew-t distributions    [PDF]

S. Riggi, S. Ingrassia

1301.1246 (Lorenzo Piazzo)

Subspace Least Square Approach for Drift Removal with Application to Herschel Data    [PDF]

Lorenzo Piazzo

1301.1292 (D. A. Hubber et al.)

A hybrid SPH/N-body method for star cluster simulations    [PDF]

D. A. Hubber, R. J. Allison, R. Smith, S. P. Goodwin