Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1304.5663 (A. Romero-Wolf et al.)

An Interferometric Analysis Method for Radio Impulses from Ultra-high Energy Particle Showers    [PDF]

A. Romero-Wolf, S. Hoover, A. Vieregg, P. Gorham, the ANITA Collaboration

1304.5788 (R. Cid Fernandes et al.)

Resolving galaxies in time and space: I: Applying STARLIGHT to CALIFA data cubes    [PDF]

R. Cid Fernandes, E. Perez, R. Garcia Benito, R. M. Gonzalez Delgado, A. L. de Amorim, S. F. Sanchez, B. Husemann, J. Falcon Barroso, P. Sanchez-Blazquez, C. J. Walcher, D. Mast

1304.5853 (Jared R. Males et al.)

Direct Imaging in the Habitable Zone and the Problem of Orbital Motion    [PDF]

Jared R. Males, Andrew J. Skemer, Laird M. Close

1304.5871 (M J Boschini et al.)

An expression for the Mott cross section of electrons and positrons on nuclei with Z up t0 118    [PDF]

M J Boschini, C Consoland, M Gervasi, S Giani, D Grandi, V Ivanchenko, P Nieminem, S Pensotti, P G Rancoita, M Tacconi

1304.6029 (Harald Höller et al.)

Differential Geometrically Consistent Artificial Viscosity in Comoving Curvilinear Coordinates    [PDF]

Harald Höller, Antti Koskela, Ernst Dorfi, Werner Benger