Thursday, August 1, 2013

1305.2331 (Manlio De Domenico et al.)

Reinterpreting the development of extensive air showers initiated by nuclei and photons    [PDF]

Manlio De Domenico, Mariangela Settimo, Simone Riggi, Eric Bertin

1307.8154 (Gerald Hechenblaikner et al.)

Fundamental Performance Determining Factors of the Ultrahigh-Precision Space-Borne Optical Metrology System for the LISA Pathfinder mission    [PDF]

Gerald Hechenblaikner, Reinhold Flatscher

1307.8195 (Tyson B. Littenberg et al.)

Fortifying the characterization of binary mergers in LIGO data    [PDF]

Tyson B. Littenberg, Michael Coughlin, Benjamin Farr, Will M. Farr

1307.8273 (Martin Erdmann et al.)

Detecting Local Deflection Patterns of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays using the Principal Axes of the Directional Energy Distribution    [PDF]

Martin Erdmann, Tobias Winchen

1307.8355 (Sean Griffin et al.)

Using Raster Scans of Bright Stars to Measure the Relative Total Throughputs of Cherenkov Telescopes    [PDF]

Sean Griffin, David Hanna

1307.8358 (Simon Archambault et al.)

In-situ measurements of whole-dish reflectivity for VERITAS    [PDF]

Simon Archambault, David Hanna, Sean Griffin

1307.8360 (Benjamin Zitzer et al.)

The VERITAS Upgraded Telescope-Level Trigger Systems: Technical Details and Performance Characterization    [PDF]

Benjamin Zitzer, for the VERITAS Collaboration

1307.8361 (Jonathan Tyler et al.)

Muon Identification with VERITAS using the Hough Transform    [PDF]

Jonathan Tyler, for the VERITAS Collaboration

1307.8394 (Alessio Tamburro for the IceCube Collaboration)

Cosmic ray Spectrum, Composition, and Anisotropy Measured with IceCube    [PDF]

Alessio Tamburro for the IceCube Collaboration