Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1209.4905 (M. -A. Bigot-Sazy et al.)

Self-calibration: an efficient method to control systematic effects in bolometric interferometry    [PDF]

M. -A. Bigot-Sazy, R. Charlassier, J. -Ch. Hamilton, J. Kaplan, G. Zahariade

1209.4928 (Marcin Kuźniak)

Acrylic purification and coatings    [PDF]

Marcin Kuźniak

1209.4935 (Melvyn Wright)

Adaptive Real Time Imaging Synthesis Telescopes    [PDF]

Melvyn Wright

1209.4952 (Anthony R. Conn et al.)

A Bayesian Approach to Locating the Red Giant Branch Tip Magnitude (Part II); Distances to the Satellites of M31    [PDF]

Anthony R. Conn, Rodrigo A. Ibata, Geraint F. Lewis, Quentin A. Parker, Daniel B. Zucker, Nicolas F. Martin, Alan W. McConnachie, Mike J. Irwin, Nial Tanvir, Mark A. Fardal, Annette M. N. Ferguson, Scott C. Chapman, David Valls-Gabaud

1209.5131 (R. Sharp et al.)

Long-term stability of fibre-optic transmission for multi-object spectroscopy    [PDF]

R. Sharp, S. Brough, R. D. Cannon

1209.5144 (Ned Charles et al.)

Design of Optically Path Length Matched, Three-Dimensional Photonic Circuits Comprising Uniquely Routed Waveguides    [PDF]

Ned Charles, Nemanja Jovanovic, Simon Gross, Paul Stewart, Barnaby Norris, John O'Byrne, Jon S. Lawrence, Michael J. Withford, Peter G. Tuthill

1209.5275 (Th. Rivinius et al.)

PUCHEROS Early Science: A New Be+sdO Candidate    [PDF]

Th. Rivinius, L. Vanzi, J. Chacon, P. Leyton, K. G. Helminiak, M. Baffico, S. Štefl, D. Baade, G. Avila, C. Guirao