Monday, June 25, 2012

1108.6079 (Kiwan Park et al.)

Comparison Between Turbulent Helical Dynamo Simulations and a Nonlinear Three-Scale Theory    [PDF]

Kiwan Park, E. G. Blackman

1206.5006 (Philip F. Hopkins)

A General Class of Lagrangian Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Methods and Implications for Fluid Mixing Problems    [PDF]

Philip F. Hopkins

1206.5021 (László Dobos et al.)

SkyQuery: An Implementation of a Parallel Probabilistic Join Engine for Cross-Identification of Multiple Astronomical Databases    [PDF]

László Dobos, Tamás Budavári, Nolan Li, Alexander S. Szalay, István Csabai

1206.5035 (J. D. McEwen et al.)

Detecting candidate cosmic bubble collisions with optimal filters    [PDF]

J. D. McEwen, S. M. Feeney, M. C. Johnson, H. V. Peiris

1206.5139 (Frederic Paletou)

A critical evaluation of PCA detection of polarized signatures using real stellar data    [PDF]

Frederic Paletou

1206.5228 (E. Cady)

Boundary diffraction wave integrals for diffraction modeling of external occulters    [PDF]

E. Cady