Tuesday, October 23, 2012

0910.1609 (J. Di Francesco et al.)

The Science Case for Building a Band 1 Receiver Suite for ALMA    [PDF]

J. Di Francesco, D. Johnstone, B. Matthews, N. Bartel, L. Bronfman, S. Casassus, S. Chitsazzadeh, M. Cunningham, G. Duchene, A. Hales, M. Houde, D. Iono, P. M. Koch, R. Kothes, S. -P. Lai, S. -Y. Liu, B. Mason, T. Maccarone, G. Schieven, A. M. M. Scaife, D. Scott, H. Shang, S. Takakuwa, J. Wagg, A. Wootten, F. Yusef-Zadeh

1210.5593 (F. Cataldo et al.)

A review on carbon-rich molecules in space    [PDF]

F. Cataldo, D. A. Garcia-Hernandez, A. Manchado

1210.5598 (Zhuo-Xi Huo et al.)

Accelerated direct demodulation method for image reconstruction with spherical data from Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope    [PDF]

Zhuo-Xi Huo, Jian-Feng Zhou

1210.5637 (Vinayak Nagpal)

An FPGA based Phased Array Processor for the Sub-Millimeter Array    [PDF]

Vinayak Nagpal

1210.5710 (Tsutomu T. Takeuchi et al.)

Application of a Self-Organizing State Space Model to the Leonid Meteor Storm in 2001    [PDF]

Tsutomu T. Takeuchi, Shigetomo Shiki, Daisuke Miyamoto, Hideaki Fujiwara, Jun Kitazume, Yousuke Utsumi

1210.5785 (Di Li et al.)

The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope project and its early science opportunities    [PDF]

Di Li, Rendong Nan, Zhichen Pan

1210.5885 (Robert James Harris et al.)

Applications of Integrated Photonic Spectrographs in Astronomy    [PDF]

Robert James Harris, Jeremy Allington-Smith

1210.5961 (Alan R. Whitney et al.)

Demonstration of a broadband-RF VLBI system at 16 Gbps data rate per station    [PDF]

Alan R. Whitney, Christopher J. Beaudoin, Roger J. Cappallo, Brian E. Corey, Geoffrey B. Crew, Shepherd S. Doeleman, David E. Lapsley, Alan A. Hinton, Stephen R. McWhirter, Arthur E. Niell, Alan E. E. Rogers, Chester A. Ruszczyk, Daniel L. Smythe, Jason SooHoo, Michael A. Titus

1210.5986 (Ermanno F. Borra)

Searching for extraterrestrial intelligence signals in astronomical spectra, including existing data    [PDF]

Ermanno F. Borra

1210.5998 (The NANOGrav Collaboration)

Why Gravitational Wave Science Needs Pulsar Timing Arrays And Why Pulsar Timing Arrays Need Both Arecibo and the GBT: A Response to the NSF-AST Portfolio Review from the NANOGrav Collaboration    [PDF]

The NANOGrav Collaboration

1210.6014 (Stephen R. Taylor et al.)

Weighing The Evidence For A Gravitational-Wave Background In The First International Pulsar Timing Array Data Challenge    [PDF]

Stephen R. Taylor, Jonathan R. Gair, L. Lentati