Thursday, October 4, 2012

1210.0976 (R. N. Manchester)

Pulsars at Parkes    [PDF]

R. N. Manchester

1210.0977 (G. Hobbs)

The Parkes Pulsar Timing Array: What we've done and what we're doing    [PDF]

G. Hobbs

1210.0978 (J. L. Caswell)

Understanding our Galaxy - key contributions from the Parkes telescope    [PDF]

J. L. Caswell

1210.0979 (J. A. Green et al.)

The Methanol Multibeam Survey    [PDF]

J. A. Green, the Methanol Multibeam Survey Collaboration

1210.0980 (John Sarkissian)

Dishing up the Data: A Decade of Space Missions    [PDF]

John Sarkissian

1210.0982 (J. W. V. Storey)

The first search for glycine and other biomolecules    [PDF]

J. W. V. Storey

1210.0983 (Jacco Th. van Loon)

Circumstellar masers in the Magellanic Clouds    [PDF]

Jacco Th. van Loon

1210.0984 (K. I. Kellermann)

Early Parkes Observations of Planets and Cosmic Radio Sources    [PDF]

K. I. Kellermann

1210.0985 (Marta Burgay)

The Double Pulsar System in its 8th anniversary    [PDF]

Marta Burgay

1210.0986 (R. M. Price)

The First Observations with the GRT at Parkes    [PDF]

R. M. Price

1210.0987 (Peter Robertson)

An Australian Icon - Planning and Construction of the Parkes Telescope    [PDF]

Peter Robertson

1210.0988 (Ray P. Norris et al.)

The Life and Times of the Parkes-Tidbinbilla Interferometer    [PDF]

Ray P. Norris, M. J. Kesteven

1210.1017 (Daniel Valdez-Balderas et al.)

Towards accelerating Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics simulations for free-surface flows on multi-GPU clusters    [PDF]

Daniel Valdez-Balderas, José M. Domínguez, Benedict D. Rogers, Alejandro J. C. Crespo

1210.1019 (Pawel Kryczynski et al.)

Pulse Shape Discrimination in liquid argon and its implications for Dark Matter searches using depleted argon    [PDF]

Pawel Kryczynski, for the WArP Research, Development Group

1210.1101 (Andrea La Camera et al.)

Image reconstruction for observations with a high dynamic range: LINC-NIRVANA simulations of a stellar jet    [PDF]

Andrea La Camera, Simone Antoniucci, Mario Bertero, Patrizia Boccacci, Dario Lorenzetti, Brunella Nisini

1210.1151 (Xavier Paredes-Fortuny et al.)

Optical photometric monitoring of gamma-ray binaries    [PDF]

Xavier Paredes-Fortuny, Marc Ribó, Octavi Fors, Jorge Núñez