Monday, October 29, 2012

1210.6994 (Vladislav Kondratiev et al.)

Pulsar emission at the bottom end of the electromagnetic spectrum    [PDF]

Vladislav Kondratiev, the LOFAR Pulsar Working Group

1210.7005 (Vladislav Kondratiev et al.)

New results from LOFAR    [PDF]

Vladislav Kondratiev, Ben Stappers, the LOFAR Pulsar Working Group

1210.7021 (Ryan M. Shannon et al.)

Pulse intensity modulation and the timing stability of millisecond pulsars: A case study of PSR J1713+0747    [PDF]

Ryan M. Shannon, James M. Cordes

1210.7071 (Kai Lars Polsterer et al.)

Finding New High-Redshift Quasars by Asking the Neighbours    [PDF]

Kai Lars Polsterer, Peter-Christian Zinn, Fabian Gieseke

1210.7173 (Eric Chassande-Mottin et al.)

Data analysis challenges in transient gravitational-wave astronomy    [PDF]

Eric Chassande-Mottin, for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, for the Virgo Collaboration

1210.7186 (William Schoenell et al.)

Recovering physical properties from narrow-band photometry    [PDF]

William Schoenell, Roberto Cid Fernandes, Narciso Benítez, Natalia Vale Asari