Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1211.1042 (Peter K. G. Williams et al.)

ASGARD: A Large Survey for Slow Galactic Radio Transients. I. Overview and First Results    [PDF]

Peter K. G. Williams, Geoffrey C. Bower, Steve Croft, Garrett K. Keating, Casey J. Law, Melvyn C. H. Wright

1211.1051 (Jonathan Grindlay et al.)

Opening the 100-Year Window for Time Domain Astronomy    [PDF]

Jonathan Grindlay, Sumin Tang, Edward Los, Mathieu Servillat

1211.1254 (R. J. E. Smith et al.)

Towards Rapid Parameter Estimation on Gravitational Waves from Compact Binaries using Interpolated Waveforms    [PDF]

R. J. E. Smith, K. Cannon, C. Hanna, D. Keppel, I. Mandel

1211.1300 (Rick A. Perley et al.)

An Accurate Flux Density Scale from 1 to 50 GHz    [PDF]

Rick A. Perley, Bryan J. Butler

1211.1338 (J. Von Korff et al.)

Astropulse: A Search for Microsecond Transient Radio Signals Using Distributed Computing. I. Methodology    [PDF]

J. Von Korff, P. Demorest, E. Heien, E. Korpela, D. Werthimer, J. Cobb, M. Lebofsky, D. Anderson, B. Bankay, A. Siemion

1211.1369 (Ionel Lazanu et al.)

Analysis of defect formation in semiconductor cryogenic bolometric detectors created by heavy dark matter    [PDF]

Ionel Lazanu, Magdalena Lidia Ciurea, Sorina Lazanu