Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1212.3645 (Hanns Selig et al.)

Astrodynamical Space Test of Relativity using Optical Devices I (ASTROD I) - Mission Overview    [PDF]

Hanns Selig, Claus Laemmerzahl, Wei-Tou Ni

1212.3760 (Igor Chilingarian et al.)

Data reduction pipeline for the MMT Magellan Infrared Spectrograph    [PDF]

Igor Chilingarian, Warren Brown, Daniel Fabricant, Brian McLeod, John Roll, Andrew Szentgyorgyi

1212.3969 (Alessandro Schillaci et al.)

On the emissivity of wire-grid polarizers for astronomical observations at mm-wavelengths    [PDF]

Alessandro Schillaci, Elia Battistelli, Giuseppe D' Alessandro, Paolo de Bernardis, Silvia Masi

1212.4038 (Teng Liu et al.)

EXSdetect: an end-to-end software for extended source detection in X-ray images: application to Swift-XRT data    [PDF]

Teng Liu, Paolo Tozzi, Elena Tundo, A. Moretti, Jun-Xian Wang, Piero Rosati, Fabrizia Guglielmetti

1212.4115 (Stephan Zimmer et al.)

Extending the Fermi-LAT Data Processing Pipeline to the Grid    [PDF]

Stephan Zimmer, Luisa Arrabito, Tom Glanzman, Tony Johnson, Claudia Lavalley, Andrei Tsaregorodtsev