Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.3053 (Markus Gaug et al.)

Night Sky Background Analysis for the Cherenkov Telescope Array using the Atmoscope instrument    [PDF]

Markus Gaug, for the CTA Consortium
The site selection group for the future Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) has deployed sensitive light sensors at 9 candidate sites, 5 of them in the Southern and 4 in the Northern hemisphere. The sensors are equipped with a PIN diode and a calibrated V-filter, and a blue/UV filter matching the spectral response of the photomultipliers to be employed in the CTA cameras. All sensor installations, denominated "Atmoscopes", have been cross-calibrated before deployment, and their sensitivity is monitored every two to five months. We show that a thoroughly developed model of the integral contribution of starlight to the overall light measure serves as an additional cross-calibration for each device during each night, reducing the systematic uncertainty of this measurement to less than 15%. The starlight can then be subtracted from the measurements, and the residuals compared among the different sites. We show that in most cases a decomposition into the contributions from zodiacal light, airglow and anthropogenic light pollution is possible.
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