Thursday, April 4, 2013

1304.1017 (Garth Illingworth)

What is an Observatory? The Crucial Role of Such Organizations for Maximizing the Science Return from Astronomy Research Facilities    [PDF]

Garth Illingworth

1304.0758 (M. Neff et al.)

Simulation and Analysis Chain for Acoustic Ultra-high Energy Neutrino Detectors in Water    [PDF]

M. Neff, G. Anton, A. Enzenhöfer, K. Graf, J. Hößl, U. Katz, R. Lahmann, C. Sieger

1304.0803 (Michael D. Johnson et al.)

Interferometric Visibility of a Scintillating Source: Statistics at the Nyquist Limit    [PDF]

Michael D. Johnson, Carl R. Gwinn

1304.0812 (S. W. Ellingson et al.)

Observations of Crab Giant Pulses in 20-84 MHz using LWA1    [PDF]

S. W. Ellingson, T. E. Clarke, J. Craig, B. C. Hicks, T. J. W. Lazio, G. B. Taylor, T. L. Wilson, C. N. Wolfe

1304.0833 (J. Va'vra)

A new way to explain the 511keV signal from the center of the Galaxy and some dark matter experiments    [PDF]

J. Va'vra

1304.0838 (Jeremy S. Heyl)

k-d Match: A Fast Matching Algorithm for Stellar Samples    [PDF]

Jeremy S. Heyl

1304.0842 (James Mason)

Development of a MATLAB/STK TLE Accuracy Assessment Tool, in support of the NASA Ames Space Traffic Management Project    [PDF]

James Mason

1304.0930 (D. Mawet et al.)

L'-band AGPM vector vortex coronagraph's first light on VLT/NACO: Discovery of a late-type companion at two beamwidths from an F0V star    [PDF]

D. Mawet, O. Absil, C. Delacroix, J. H. Girard, J. Milli, J. O'Neil, P. Baudoz, A. Boccaletti, P. Bourget, V. Christiaens, P. Forsberg, F. Gonte, S. Habraken, C. Hanot, M. Karlsson, M. Kasper, J. -L. Lizon, K. Muzic, E. Pena, R. Olivier, N. Slusarenko, L. E. Tacconi-Garman, J. Surdej

1304.0976 (Anna Nelles et al.)

Detecting Radio Emission from Air Showers with LOFAR    [PDF]

Anna Nelles, Stijn Buitink, Arthur Corstanje, Emilio Enriquez, Heino Falcke, Wilfred Frieswijk, Jörg Hörandel, Maaijke Mevius, Satyendra Thoudam, Pim Schellart, Olaf Scholten, Sander ter Veen, Martin van den Akker, The LOFAR Collaboration