Monday, March 11, 2013

1303.1824 (Francesco Mauro et al.)

The VVV-SkZ pipeline: an automatic PSF-fitting photometric pipeline for the VVV survey    [PDF]

Francesco Mauro, Christian Moni Bidin, André-Nicolas Chené, Doug Geisler, Javier Alonso-García, Jura Borissova, Giovanni Carraro

1303.1833 (Bradley E. Schaefer)

The Thousand Star Magnitudes in the Catalogues of Ptolemy, Al Sufi, and Tycho Are All Corrected For Atmospheric Extinction    [PDF]

Bradley E. Schaefer

1303.1975 (Nigel Hambly et al.)

Prospects for cool white dwarf science from Pan-STARRS    [PDF]

Nigel Hambly, Nick Rowell, John Tonry, Eugene Magnier, Christopher Stubbs

1303.2024 (S. Vercellone et al.)

The ASTRI Project: prototype status and future plans for a Cherenkov dual-mirror small-telescope array    [PDF]

S. Vercellone, O. Catalano, M. C. Maccarone, F. Di Pierro, P. Vallania, G. Bonnoli, R. Canestrari, G. Pareschi, G. Tosti, for the ASTRI Collaboration

1303.2107 (Daniel Jacobs et al.)

The precision and accuracy of early Epoch of Reionization foreground models: comparing MWA and PAPER 32-antenna source catalogs    [PDF]

Daniel Jacobs, Judd Bowman, James Aguirre