Thursday, November 29, 2012

1211.6425 (Hao Gong et al.)

Implementation of Sink Particles in the Athena Code    [PDF]

Hao Gong, Eve C. Ostriker

1211.6433 (Christoph Federrath et al.)

On the Star Formation Efficiency of Turbulent Magnetized Clouds    [PDF]

Christoph Federrath, Ralf S. Klessen

1211.6450 (Jingying Wang et al.)

Exploring the Cosmic Reionization Epoch in Frequency Space: An Improved Approach to Remove the Foreground in 21 cm Tomography    [PDF]

Jingying Wang, Haiguang Xu, Tao An, Junhua Gu, Xueying Guo, Weitian Li, Yu Wang, Chengze Liu, Olivier Martineau-Huynh, Xiang-Ping Wu

1211.6455 (Michael A. Garrett)

Radio Astronomy Transformed: Aperture Arrays - Past, Present & Future    [PDF]

Michael A. Garrett

1211.6470 (G. R. Harp et al.)

A new class of SETI beacons that contain information (22-aug-2010)    [PDF]

G. R. Harp, R. F. Ackermann, Samantha K. Blair, J. Arbunich, P. R. Backus, J. C. Tarter, the ATA Team

1211.6485 (F. Schuller)

BoA: a versatile software for bolometer data reduction    [PDF]

F. Schuller

1211.6515 (Weike Xiao et al.)

SZ effect or Not? - Detecting most galaxy clusters' main foreground effect    [PDF]

Weike Xiao, Chen Chen, Bin Zhang, Yongfeng Wu, Mi Dai

1211.6592 (Vandiver Chaplin et al.)

Analytical modeling of pulse-pileup distortion using the true pulse shape, with applications to Fermi-GBM    [PDF]

Vandiver Chaplin, Narayana Bhat, Michael Briggs, Valerie Connaughton

1211.6713 (L. K. Nuttall et al.)

Large-Scale Image Processing with the ROTSE Pipeline    [PDF]

L. K. Nuttall, D. J. White, P. J. Sutton, E. J. Daw, V. S. Dhillon, W. Zheng, C. Akerlof