Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5204 (Elisabetta Strazzeri et al.)

Calibration of the ASTRI SST-2M Prototype using Muon Ring Images    [PDF]

Elisabetta Strazzeri, Giacomo Bonnoli, Saverio Lombardi, Maria Concetta Maccarone, Teresa Mineo, for the ASTRI Collaboration
The study of ring images generated from high-energy muons is a very useful tool for the performance monitoring and calibration of any Imaging Atmosphere Cherenkov Telescope. Isolated muons travelling towards the telescope light collector system produce characteristic Cherenkov ring images in the focal plane camera. Since the geometry and the distribution of light deployed onto the camera can be easily reconstructed analytically for a muon of given energy and direction, muon rings are a powerful tool for monitoring the behaviour of crucial properties of an imaging telescope such as the point-spread-function and the overall light collection efficiency. In this contribution we present the possibility of using the analysis of muon ring images as calibrator for the ASTRI SST-2M prototype point spread function.
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