Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5123 (Slava Kitaeff et al.)

Extremely Large Images: Considerations for Contemporary Approach    [PDF]

Slava Kitaeff, Andreas Wicenec, Chen Wu, David Taubman
The new widefi?eld radio telescopes, such as: ASKAP,MWA, LOFAR, eVLA and SKA; will produce spectral-imaging data-cubes (SIDC) of unprecedented volumes in the order of hundreds of Petabytes. Servicing such data as images to the end-user may encounter challenges unforeseen during the development of IVOA SIAP. We discuss the requirements for extremely large SIDC, and in this light we analyse the applicability of approach taken in the ISO/IEC 15444 (JPEG2000) standards.
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