Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4580 (Louise Oakes et al.)

Pointing Calibration for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Medium Size Telescope Prototype    [PDF]

Louise Oakes, Bagmeet Behera, Juergen Baehr, Sandra Gruenewald, Tobias Raeck, Stefan Schlenstedt, Anja Schubert, Ullrich Schwanke, for the CTA Consortium
Pointing calibration is an offline correction applied in order to obtain the true pointing direction of a telescope. The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) aims to have the precision to determine the position of point-like as well as slightly extended sources, with the goal of systematic errors less than 7 arc seconds in space angle. This poster describes the pointing calibration concept being developed for the CTA Medium Size Telescope (MST) prototype at Berlin-Adlershof, showing test results and preliminary measurements. The MST pointing calibration method uses two CCD cameras, mounted on the telescope dish, to determine the true pointing of the telescope. The "Lid CCD" is aligned to the optical axis of the telescope, calibrated with LEDs on the dummy gamma-camera lid; the "Sky CCD" is pre-aligned to the Lid CCD and the transformation between the Sky and Lid CCD camera fields of view is precisely modelled with images from special pointing runs which are also used to determine the pointing model. During source tracking, the CCD cameras record images which are analysed offline using software tools including to determine the true pointing coordinates.
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