Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4563 (A. Förster et al.)

Mirror Development for the Cherenkov Telescope Array    [PDF]

A. Förster, T. Armstrong, H. Baba, J. Bähr, A. Bonardi, G. Bonnoli, P. Brun, R. Canestrari, P. Chadwick, M. Chikawa, P. -H. Carton, V. De Souza, J. Dipold, M. Doro, D. Durand, M. Dyrda, E. Giro, J. -F. Glicenstein, Y. Hanabata, M. Hayashida, M. Hrabovski, C. Jeanney, M. Kagaya, H. Katagiri, L. Lessio, D. MANDAT, M. Mariotti, C. Medina, J. Michałowski, P. Micolon, D. Nakajima, J. Niemiec, A. Nozato, M. Palatka, G. Pareschi, M. Pech, B. Peyaud, G. Pühlhofer, M. Rataj, G. Rodeghiero, G. Rojas, J. Rousselle, R. Sakonaka, P. Schovanek, K. Seweryn, C. Schultz, S. Shu, F. Stinzing, M. Stodulski, M. Teshima, P. Travniczek, C. Van Eldik, V. Vassiliev, Ł. Wiśniewski, A. Wörnlein, T. Yoshida, For the CTA Consotrium
The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is a planned observatory for very-high energy gamma-ray astronomy. It will consist of several tens of telescopes of different sizes, with a total mirror area of up to 10,000 square meters. Most mirrors of current installations are either polished glass mirrors or diamond-turned aluminium mirrors, both labour intensive technologies. For CTA, several new technologies for a fast and cost-efficient production of light-weight and reliable mirror substrates have been developed and industrial pre-production has started for most of them. In addition, new or improved aluminium-based and dielectric surface coatings have been developed to increase the reflectance over the lifetime of the mirrors compared to those of current Cherenkov telescope instruments.
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