Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4158 (Drew Keppel)

Metrics for multi-detector template placement in searches for short-duration nonprecessing inspiral gravitational-wave signals    [PDF]

Drew Keppel
Using the family of multi-detector F-statistic metrics for short duration, nonprecessing inspiral signals, we derive a marginalized metric that is directly applicable to the problem of generating template banks for coincident and coherent multi-detector searches for gravitational-waves. This metric is compared to other average metrics, such as that proposed for the case of searches associated with continuous signals from rotating neutron stars. We show how the four-dimensional metric can be separated into two two-dimensional metrics associated with the sky and mass parameter subspaces, allowing the creation of separate template banks for these subspaces. Finally, we present an algorithm for computing the mass space metric associated with both coincident and coherent multi-detector targeted or all-sky searches for short duration, nonprecessing inspiral gravitational-wave signals.
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