Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4093 (Thayne Currie et al.)

The Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme Adaptive Optics Imager: First Results and On-Sky Performance    [PDF]

Thayne Currie, Olivier Guyon, Frantz Martinache, Christophe Clergeon, Michael McElwain, Christian Thalmann, Nemanja Jovanovic, Garima Singh, Tomoyuki Kudo
We present new on-sky results for the Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme Adaptive Optics imager (SCExAO) verifying and quantifying the contrast gain enabled by key components: the closed-loop coronagraphic low-order wavefront sensor (CLOWFS) and focal plane wavefront control ("speckle nulling"). SCExAO will soon be coupled with a high-order, Pyramid wavefront sensor which will yield > 90% Strehl ratio and enable 10^6--10^7 contrast at small angular separations allowing us to image gas giant planets at solar system scales. Upcoming instruments like VAMPIRES, FIRST, and CHARIS will expand SCExAO's science capabilities.
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