Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.1025 (Li Hui-Cai et al.)

Study on optimization of water Cherenkov detector array of LHAASO project for surveying VHE gamma rays sources    [PDF]

Li Hui-Cai, Chen Ming-Jun, Jia Huan-Yu, Gao Bo, Wu Han-Rong, Yao Zhi-Guo, Yuo Xiao-Hao, Zhou Bin, Zhu Feng-Rong
A water Cherenkov detector array, LHAASO-WCDA, is proposed to be built at Shangri-la, Yunnan Province, China. As one of the major components of the LHAASO project, the main purpose of it is to survey the northern sky for gamma ray sources in the energy range from 100 GeV to 30 TeV. In order to design the water Cherenkov array efficiently to economize the budget, a Monte Carlo simulation is proceeded. With the help of the simulation, cost performance of different configurations of the array is obtained and compared with each other, serving as a guide for the more detailed design of the experiment in the next step.
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