Thursday, June 20, 2013

1306.4609 (Alejandro Gangui et al.)

The Paraná Ra'anga expedition    [PDF]

Alejandro Gangui, Graciela Silvestri, Pablo Vena
Paran\'a Ra'anga (the image of Paran\'a, in Guaran\'i) is the name of a cultural and scientific expedition that traveled the rivers: R\'io de la Plata, Paran\'a and Paraguay, from Buenos Aires to Asunci\'on, during March 2010. The project brought together some forty scientists and artists from three countries in a slow and enriching cruise, putting in active contact actors from different backgrounds and disciplines -which usually run separately- in the framework of an unusual space-time experience. The project recovers the historical tradition of the trip as an instrument of knowledge and collaboration between the arts and sciences, necessary to build new ways of seeing and understanding the river and its banks. This article reports on the motivations of this project and its projection.
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