Thursday, June 20, 2013

1306.4487 (M Nofrarias et al.)

State space modelling and data analysis exercises in LISA Pathfinder    [PDF]

M Nofrarias, F Antonucci, M Armano, H Audley, G Auger, M Benedetti, P Binetruy, J Bogenstahl, D Bortoluzzi, P Bosetti, N Brandt, M Caleno, P Cañizares, A Cavalleri, M Cesa, M Chmeissani, A Conchillo, G Congedo, I Cristofolin, M Cruise, K Danzmann, F De Marchi, M Diaz-Aguilo, I Diepholz, G Dixon, R Dolesi, N Dunbar, J Fauste, L Ferraioli, V Ferroni W Fichter, E Fitzsimons, M Freschi, A García Marin, C García Marirrodriga, R Gerndt L Gesa, F Gibert, D Giardini, C Grimani, A Grynagier, B Guillaume, F Guzmán, I Harrison, G Heinzel, V Hernández, M Hewitson, D Hollington, J Hough, D Hoyland, M Hueller, J Huesler, O Jennrich, P Jetzer, B Johlander, C Killow, X Llamas, I Lloro, A Lobo, R Maarschalkerweerd, S Madden, D Mance, I Mateos, P W McNamara, J Mendes, E Mitchell, A Monsky, D Nicolini, D Nicolodi, F Pedersen, M Perreur-Lloyd, E Plagnol, P Prat, G D Racca, J Ramos-Castro, J Reiche, J A Romera Perez, D Robertson, H Rozemeijer, J Sanjuan, A Schleicher, M Schulte, D Shaul, L Stagnaro, S Strandmoe, F Steier, T J Sumner, A Taylor, D Texier, C Trenkel, H-B Tu S Vitale, G Wanner, H Ward, S Waschke, P Wass, W J Weber, T Ziegler, P Zweifel
LISA Pathfinder is a mission planned by the European Space Agency to test the key technologies that will allow the detection of gravitational waves in space. The instrument on-board, the LISA Technology package, will undergo an exhaustive campaign of calibrations and noise characterisation campaigns in order to fully describe the noise model. Data analysis plays an important role in the mission and for that reason the data analysis team has been developing a toolbox which contains all the functionalities required during operations. In this contribution we give an overview of recent activities, focusing on the improvements in the modelling of the instrument and in the data analysis campaigns performed both with real and simulated data.
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