Thursday, March 28, 2013

1303.6808 (W. D. Apel et al.)

LOPES-3D, an antenna array for full signal detection of air-shower radio emission    [PDF]

W. D. Apel, J. C. Arteaga, L. Bähren, K. Bekk, M. Bertaina, P. L. Biermann, J. Blümer, H. Bozdog, I. M. Brancus, P. Buchholz, E. Cantoni, A. Chiavassa, K. Daumiller, V. de Souza, F. Di Pierro, P. Doll, R. Engel, H. Falcke, M. Finger, B. Fuchs, D. Fuhrmann, H. Gemmeke, C. Grupen, A. Haungs, D. Heck, J. R. Hörandel, A. Horneffer, D. Huber, T. Huege, P. G. Isar, K. -H. Kampert, D. Kang, O. Krömer, J. Kuijpers, K. Link, P. Luczak, M. Ludwig, H. J. Mathes, M. Melissas, C. Morello, J. Oehlschläger, N. Palmieri, T. Pierog, J. Rautenberg, H. Rebel, M. Roth, C. Rühle, A. Saftoiu, H. Schieler, A. Schmidt, F. G. Schröder, O. Sima, G. Toma, G. C. Trinchero, A. Weindl, J. Wochele, M. Wommer, J. Zabierowski, J. A. Zensus
To better understand the radio signal emitted by extensive air-showers and to further develop the radio detection technique of high-energy cosmic rays, the LOPES experiment was reconfigured to LOPES-3D. LOPES-3D is able to measure all three vectorial components of the electric field of radio emission from cosmic ray air showers. The additional measurement of the vertical component ought to increase the reconstruction accuracy of primary cosmic ray parameters like direction and energy, provides an improved sensitivity to inclined showers, and will help to validate simulation of the emission mechanisms in the atmosphere. LOPES-3D will evaluate the feasibility of vectorial measurements for large scale applications. In order to measure all three electric field components directly, a tailor-made antenna type (tripoles) was deployed. The change of the antenna type necessitated new pre-amplifiers and an overall recalibration. The reconfiguration and the recalibration procedure are presented and the operationality of LOPES-3D is demonstrated.
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