Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1304.6029 (Harald Höller et al.)

Differential Geometrically Consistent Artificial Viscosity in Comoving Curvilinear Coordinates    [PDF]

Harald Höller, Antti Koskela, Ernst Dorfi, Werner Benger
Context. High-resolution numerical methods have been developed for nonlinear, discontinuous problems as they appear in simulations of astrophysical objects. One of the strategies applied is the concept of artificial viscosity. Aims. Grid-based numerical simulations ideally utilize problem-oriented grids in order to minimize the necessary number of cells at a given (desired) spatial resolution. We want to propose a modified tensor of artificial viscosity which is employable for generally comoving, curvilinear grids. Methods. We study a differential geometrically consistent artificial viscosity analytically and visualize a comparison of our result to previous implementations by applying it to a simple self-similar velocity field. We give a general introduction to artificial viscosity first and motivate its application in numerical analysis. Then we present how a tensor of artificial viscosity has to be designed when going beyond common static Eulerian or Lagrangian comoving rectangular grids. Results. We find that in comoving, curvilinear coordinates the isotropic (pressure) part of the tensor of artificial viscosity has to be modified metrically in order for it to fulfill all its desired properties.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1304.6029

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