Thursday, April 4, 2013

1304.0833 (J. Va'vra)

A new way to explain the 511keV signal from the center of the Galaxy and some dark matter experiments    [PDF]

J. Va'vra
The first gamma-ray line originating from outside the solar system that was ever detected is the 511keV emission from the center of our Galaxy. The accepted explanation of this signal is the annihilation of electrons and positrons. However, despite 30 years of intense theoretical and observational investigation, the main sources of positrons have not been identified up to now. In this paper we propose an alternative explanation: the observed signal is due to atomic transitions to small hydrogen atom, where electron is captured by proton on a small tight orbit around proton. This model may also be relevant to some dark matter searching experiments capable of observing a very small signal. We propose a detector to improve their detection-reach even further down to smaller signals equivalent to a single electron and a single photon of a few eV energy. This detector may be able to detect a prevailing direction of the small hydrogen (or a light-mass WIMP interacting with shell-electrons). We describe the status of the experimental search to find the small hydrogen atom, and propose a method how to discover it in the lab directly. Key words: 511keV peak at the galactic center, small hydrogen atom, DDL atom, low mass WIMPs interacting with electron shell, dark matter search experiments
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