Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4943 (M. Shayduk et al.)

Comparison of Different Trigger and Readout Approaches for Cameras in the Cherenkov Telescope Array Project    [PDF]

M. Shayduk, S. Vorobiov, U. Schwanke, R. Wischnewski for the CTA Consortium
The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is a next-generation ground-based observatory for g -rays with energies between some ten GeV and a few hundred TeV. CTA is currently in the advanced design phase and will consist of arrays with different size of prime-focus Cherenkov telescopes, to ensure a proper energy coverage from the threshold up to the highest energies. The extension of the CTA array with double-mirror Schwarzschild- Couder telescopes is planned to improve the array angular resolution over wider field of view.We present an end-to-end Monte-Carlo comparison of trigger concepts for the different imaging cameras that will be used on the Cherenkov telescopes. The comparison comprises three alternative trigger schemes (analog, majority, flexible pattern analysis) for each camera design. The study also addresses the influence of the properties of the readout system (analog bandwidth of the electronics, length of the readout window in time) and uses an offline shower reconstruction to investigate the impact on key performances such as energy threshold and flux sensitivity
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