Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3880 (Dušan Mandát et al.)

All Sky Cameras for the characterization of the Cherenkov Telescope Array candidate sites    [PDF]

Dušan Mandát, Miroslav Pech, Jan Ebr, Miroslav Hrabovský, Michael Prouza, Tomasz Bulik, Ingomar Allekotte, for the CTA Consortium
The All Sky Camera (ASC) was developed as a universal device for the monitoring of the night sky quality. Eight ASCs are already installed and measure night sky parameters at eight of the candidate sites of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) gamma-ray observatory. The ACS system consists of an astronomical CCD camera, a fish eye lens, a control computer and associated electronics. The measurement is carried out during astronomical night. The images are automatically taken every 5 minutes and automatically processed using the control computer of the device. The analysis results are the cloud fraction (the percentage of the sky covered by clouds) and night sky brightness (in mag/arcsec$^{2}$)
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.3880

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