Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0197 (Gudlaugur Johannesson et al.)

Accounting for the Sun and the Moon in Fermi-LAT Analysis    [PDF]

Gudlaugur Johannesson, Elena Orlando, for the Fermi-LAT collaboration
The Sun and the Moon are quiescent gamma-ray sources that are clearly detectable in Fermi-LAT data. While moving through the sky, the Sun and the Moon can be a significant background in the analysis of Fermi-LAT data if they pass through the region of interest. Accurate modeling of their intensity is needed in this case, accounting for the correct exposure of their track along the sky. We present the Solar System Tools (SST) which calculate the templates of the Sun's and the Moon's intensity in the sky for a given observing period and a model of their steady emission. These tools are available in the standard Fermi-LAT Science Tools.
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