Friday, June 28, 2013

1306.6564 (András Pál et al.)

The Fly's Eye Camera System -- an instrument design for large étendue time-domain survey    [PDF]

András Pál, László Mészáros, Gergely Csépány, Attila Jaskó, Ferenc Schlaffer, Krisztián Vida, György Mező, László Döbrentei, Ernő Farkas, Csaba Kiss, Katalin Oláh, Zsolt Regály
In this paper we briefly summarize the design concepts of the Fly's Eye Camera System, a proposed high resolution all-sky monitoring device which intends to perform high cadence time domain astronomy in multiple optical passbands while still accomplish a high \'etendue. Fundings have already been accepted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in order to design and build a Fly's Eye device unit. Beyond the technical details and the actual scientific goals, this paper also discusses the possibilities and yields of a network operation involving ~10 sites distributed geographically in a nearly homogeneous manner. Currently, we expect to finalize the mount assembly -- that performs the sidereal tracking during the exposures -- until the end of 2012 and to have a working prototype with a reduced number of individual cameras sometimes in the spring or summer of 2013.
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