Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4173 (Q. Riffard et al.)

Dark Matter directional detection with MIMAC    [PDF]

Q. Riffard, J. Billard, G. Bosson, O. Bourrion, O. Guillaudin, J. Lamblin, F. Mayet, J. -F. Muraz, J. -P. Richer, D. Santos, L. Lebreton, D. Maire, J. Busto, J. Brunner, D. Fouchez
Directional detection is a promising direct Dark Matter (DM) search strategy. The angular distribution of the nuclear recoil tracks from WIMP events should present an anisotropy in galactic coordinates. This strategy requires both a measurement of the recoil energy with a threshold of about 5 keV and 3D recoil tracks down to few millimeters. The MIMAC project, based on a \textmu-TPC matrix, with $CF_4$ and $CHF_3$, is being developed. In June 2012, a bi-chamber prototype was installed at the LSM (Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane). A preliminary analysis of the first four months data taking allowed, for the first time, the observation of recoils from the $\mathrm{^{222}Rn}$ progeny.
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