Friday, May 24, 2013

1305.5389 (M. Trifoglio et al.)

The AGILE Science Alert System (ASAS)    [PDF]

M. Trifoglio, A. Bulgarelli, F. Gianotti, F. Fuschino, M. Marisaldi, M. Tavani, E. Del Monte, Y. Evangelista, F. Lazzarotto, S. Sabatini, F. Longo, E. Moretti, C. Pittori, F. Verrecchia
The AGILE Science Alert System (ASAS) has been developed to provide prompt processing of science data for detection and alerts on {\gamma}-ray galactic and extra galactic transients, {\gamma}-ray bursts, X-ray bursts and other transients in the hard X-rays. The system is distributed among the AGILE Data Center (ADC) of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Frascati (Italy), and the AGILE Team Quick Look sites, located at INAF/IASF Bologna and INAF/IASF Roma. We present the ASAS architecture and performances in the first 2 years of operation of the AGILE payload.
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