Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4987 (S. Bhatnagar et al.)

Wide-field wide-band interferometric imaging:The WB A-Projection and hybrid algorithms    [PDF]

S. Bhatnagar, U. Rau, K. Golap
Variations of the antenna primary beam (PB) pattern as a function of time, frequency and polarization form one of the dominant direction-dependent effects at most radio frequency bands. These gains may also vary from antenna to antenna. The A-Projection algorithm, published earlier, accounts for the effects of the narrow-band antenna PB in full polarization. In this paper we present the Wide-Band A-Projection algorithm (WB A-Projection) to include the effects of wide bandwidth in the A-term itself and show that the resulting algorithm simultaneously corrects for the time, frequency and polarization dependence of the PB. We discuss the combination of the WB A-Projection and the Multi-term Multi Frequency Synthesis (MT-MFS) algorithm for simultaneous mapping of the sky brightness distribution and the spectral index distribution across a wide field of view. We also discuss the use of the narrow-band A-Projection algorithm in hybrid imaging schemes that account for the frequency dependence of the PB in the image domain.
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