Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0315 (E. Gjerløw et al.)

CMB likelihood approximation for banded probability distributions    [PDF]

E. Gjerløw, K. Mikkelsen, H. K. Eriksen, K. M. Górski, G. Huey, J. B. Jewell, S. K. Næss, G. Rocha, D. S. Seljebotn, I. K. Wehus
We investigate sets of random variables that can be arranged sequentially such that a given variable only depends conditionally on its immediate predecessor. For such sets, we show that the full joint probability distribution may be expressed exclusively in terms of uni- and bivariate marginals. Under the assumption that the CMB power spectrum likelihood only exhibits correlations within a banded multipole range, \Delta l, we apply this expression to two outstanding problems in CMB likelihood analysis. First, we derive a statistically well-defined hybrid likelihood estimator, merging two independent (e.g., low- and high-l) likelihoods into a single expression that properly accounts for correlations between the two. Applying this expression to the WMAP likelihood, we verify that the effect of correlations on cosmological parameters in the transition region is negligible in terms of cosmological parameters for WMAP; the largest relative shift seen for any parameter is 0.06\sigma. However, because this may not hold for other experimental setups (e.g., for different instrumental noise properties or analysis masks), but must rather be verified on a case-by-case basis, we recommend our new hybridization scheme for future experiments for statistical self-consistency reasons. Second, we use the same expression to improve the convergence rate of the Blackwell-Rao likelihood estimator, reducing the required number of Monte Carlo samples by several orders of magnitude, and thereby extend it to high-l applications.
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