Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1303.6549 (Ryan Allured et al.)

A Soft X-ray Beam-splitting Multilayer Optic for the NASA GEMS Bragg Reflection Polarimeter    [PDF]

Ryan Allured, Monica Fernandez-Perea, Regina Soufli, Jennifer B. Alameda, Michael J. Pivovaroff, Eric M. Gullikson, Philip Kaaret
A soft X-ray, beam-splitting, multilayer optic has been developed for the Bragg Reflection Polarimeter (BRP) on the NASA Gravity and Extreme Magnetism Small Explorer Mission (GEMS). The optic is designed to reflect 0.5 keV X-rays through a 90 degree angle to the BRP detector, and transmit 2-10 keV X-rays to the primary polarimeter. The transmission requirement prevents the use of a thick substrate, so a 2 micron thick polyimide membrane was used. Atomic force microscopy has shown the membrane to possess high spatial frequency roughness less than 0.2 nm rms, permitting adequate X-ray reflectance. A multilayer thin film was especially developed and deposited via magnetron sputtering with reflectance and transmission properties that satisfy the BRP requirements and with near-zero stress. Reflectance and transmission measurements of BRP prototype elements closely match theoretical predictions, both before and after rigorous environmental testing.
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